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Facilitator Development Workshops

Please note that all workshops can be customized to meet specific needs. Our learner-centered approach ensures that the needs of individual learners are meet.


Structured Process Facilitator Optimizing the performance of a group or team in a structured environment, ie a one off meeting, using structure task and relationship processes where the facilitator is the formal “leader” of the group or team.... more


Group Process Facilitator Optimizing the performance of a group or team on an ongoing basis using appropriate process interventions to achieve the group or teams agreed objectives.... more
Facilitating for Results & Learning
This practical workshop is designed to assist those involved in the facilitating of individuals, groups, teams and learning to tap their capacity to create and sustain a culture of performance and learning. The workshop assists participants in making the journey away from the traditional training/instructor/command and control approaches towards a person/learner-centred approach.  It helps them to gain a new level of meaning with regard to learning and the development of people. .... more


Transformational Facilitator -
Facilitating profound learning and change using evolving interventions ie participative design, etc. in evolving whole systems to assist in the achievement of systemic sustainability.... more

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