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Structured & Group Process Facilitator Workshops

We do not conduct open (public) Structured or Group Process Facilitator workshops.  These workshops are specifically design to meet the unique needs of Clients.  The following is an example of the learning outcomes of a workshop and the competencies developed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know why they need to let go of controlling others towards predetermined outcomes and rather to help them achieve what they want.

  • What the core competencies and skills of structured and group process facilitation are.

  • How to facilitate groups more effectively.

  • How to harness the creative capacity of groups.

  • How to focus a diverse group's energy on achieving a common goal.

  • How to apply group decision making processes

  • How to agreed group behavioral standards

  • How to assist a group in identifying and dealing with obstacles to achieving agreed outcomes

  • How to build and sustain momentum towards completing agreed actions.

Competencies & Skills


Establishing / declaring the process in advance and indicating the transition between process step / activities.  


Building the relevance of the "must know" information / key issues to the participants' needs, their experiences and expectations.


Assisting a group to effectively attain agreed objectives and continuously learn through intentional interventions into task and relationship processes.


Providing overall direction for an interaction and developing a clear understanding of the topic or issue being discussed.

Listening & Responding

Showing that you are actively listening to and understand the concerns and feelings of the group and of individuals.

Exploring & Actioning

Generating ideas and suggestions on what and how to go about something, and agreeing on the best solution and tying down the details.



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