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The links on this page are to sites which we believe reflect similar thinking to our own. Check out our other links pages as well.

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facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordicThe CHAOS Thinksite - This site, hosted by Laurie Fitzgerald of The Consultancy Inc., Denver CO, is an electronic platform dedicated to the replacement of the archaic and limited managerial mindset framed during the 17th century scientific enlightenment with the immensely powerful conceptual framework known as Chaos emerging even as these words are read.


chaordic_alliance_logo.jpg (6002 bytes)"The purpose of The Chaordic Alliance is to develop, disseminate and implement new concepts of organization which more equitably distribute power and wealth, release human ingenuity, and are more compatible with the biosphere."  This is a must visit site for anyone interested in whole system transformation and Chaordic system evolution.


               The berkana institute The Berkana Institute is a charitable educational and research foundation that seeks to create communities of support and inquiry to explore new thinking and practice about the organizing of human endeavor. The Institute supports collaborative research in many forms and forums, all of which seek to discover the conditions that support the liberation of our collective capacity in organizations worthy of our humanity. The work of Berkana is led by Margaret (Meg) Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers.


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