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With thanks to:

Steve Madsen
Littleton, CO

TRDEV Summary -    Excellent
resource for following prior discussion threads over the
years.  See also the "What's New" link.

Training & Development Resource Center -  Wealth of searchable sites.

Lakewood Publications Training Supersite - Links to their publications as well as other searchable references.

Articles by Fred Nickols -   Does the phrase "been there, done that" ring a bell?

ASTD -   Invest in your profession.  Members have access to portions non-members do not.  Students get discounts.

ISPI -  The major player in performance and performance related issues.  Student memberships available.

The Center for Performance Technology -  Great site.

Performance Technology -   Allison
Rossett ( site from the SDSU Department of Educational Technology.

Performance Measurement -   Great source for 360, software, teams, balanced scorecard, etc., plus articles by Jack Zigon.

Don Clark's pages -   If it has anything remotely to do with T&D, Don's got a link to it or an article about it.

Learning Theory - Gives the theoretical basis for many approaches to T&D.

T.H.E. Journal - - Technological Horizons in Education.  Good reference for education technology.

The MASIE Center -   Great site for keeping up on what's new and exciting in linking technology to learning.  Free newsletter.

Asynchronous Learning Networks -   Several good links to other sites.

Adult Ed & Distance Learning - Also includes reviews of graduate degree programs by distance.

The Net Generation -   Good background for Gen-X issues.

Learning Styles - Rita Dunn's site at St. John's University.

Learning Styles - Links in reference to the Kolb Learning Styles.

Learning Styles -   Loads of hyperlinks.

NLP -   Good background information.

American Education Network Corp. -   Searchable links to education/training topics.

Instructional Design Models - Comprehensive links and references.

ISD - Another good baseline reference.  Gayeski's rethinking of ADDIE.

Out-of-the-box ISD -

What Works in Adult Instruction   The Navy way (you're welcome, Mark).  Great guide through what ISD can do.

ISD and Distance Education - How to integrate the two.

WEB-based Training Information Center -

The Standards for Trainer Certification - http://www.IBSTPI.ORG/

Business, Technology, and Knowledge Management -
Awesome site for learning how to link training to business needs, manage knowledge, using technology to leverage performance.

Learning Organizations -

Fifth Discipline Field Book Links -


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