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Integrated Interactive Skills

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Questions & Concerns

  • Tired of being dependent on vendors for participant materials every time you are wanting to run a training course?
  • Unable to customize your own participant materials or would it cost "an arm and a leg" to have the vendor do it?
  • Little or no flexibility in the use of current consultant/vendor supplied training materials?
  • Do you not have the time or resources to design and develop appropriate interventions?
  • Little or no vertical and/or horizontal integration? Different models, skills, behaviors etc for different levels in the organization. Different core skills in different interventions - selling, negotiating, conflict handling, performance management etc.

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CLEAR™ is the Answer

CLEAR_applications.jpg (16424 bytes)CLEAR™ is a set of learning interventions for developing skills which have a strong interactive base. For example Leadership, Selling, Service Quality etc.

CLEAR™ achieves integration through a set of Core Interactive Skills and a Collaborative Problem Solving Process which form the basis for  each intervention.

CLEAR™ can be totally customized by you. We provide all participant materials on CD-ROM in MSWord, Corel WordPerfect and HTML (internet/intranet) formats.

CLEAR™ gives you flexibility in delivery. "Traditional" Facilitator directed or learner directed via your organization's intranet. You could even place it on your internet site if you do not an intranet.

With CLEAR™ you are no longer dependent on a vendor every time you run a program. You have the rights to reproduce materials as an when you need them. Via your organizations intranet everyone has access to learning when they need it most.

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CLEAR™ Core Interactive Skills

There are 5 behavior clusters that we have identified as critical to the success of any interaction. These clusters make up the CLEAR Skills of:

CLEAR_Skills.jpg (17531 bytes)Clarifying
Providing overall direction for an interaction and developing a clear understanding of the topic or issue being discussed.

Listening & Responding
Showing that you are actively listening to and understand the concerns and feelings of individuals or the group.

Generating ideas and suggestions on what and how to go about something.

Reaching agreement on the best solution and tying down the details.

Reviewing the interaction, establishing follow-up and ensuring implementation of agreed actions.

Each of the CLEAR Skills clusters are further broken down into identifiable and easy to learn behaviors. We should also note that these skills are used as and when necessary and should not be seen as sequential.

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CLEAR™ Collaborative Problem Solving Process

Clear_Process_S.jpg (15217 bytes)An underlying objective of all our interactions should be to enhance the relationships between those involved.  The only successful way to achieve this is to approach interactions in a collaborative / win-win manner.

With few exceptions most business related interactions are of problem solving nature.  A sales call, for example, should be viewed as a process of helping both parties solve their respective "problems".  The seller needs to sell.   Buyers make "buying decisions" based on a desire / need to resolve dissatisfactions / problems. Sales people help buyers in this decision making process.

The CLEAR Process Model provides you with a process against which to plan and conduct your interactions.
The process "steps" are not necessarily sequential, but each is, as with the CLEAR skills, essential if you are going to achieve your objectives for that interaction.

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Intervention Examples:

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