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Learning Design

Design & Development

We work with Clients on the design and development of interventions to meet their unique needs. Our level of involvement in the process depends on the requirements of our Client. We offer design and development support from the design of processes or instruments to measure the skills gap, through to the evaluation of the impact of the intervention the organization.

Structured Interventions

We also offer a number of "structured" learning interventions. 

  • Provide flexibility in terms of customization and implementation. Each intervention can be totally customized by you. We provide all participant materials on CD/DVD in MSWord format.
  • Reduce dependency on vendors for participant materials. You have the rights to reproduce materials as an when you need them.
  • Support the development of an organizational culture of continuous learning to achieve sustainability.

These are some of the interventions available:


Learning Portfolios available - a large JPEG - facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordic

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