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Facilitator Development Resources

The Secrets of Facilitation: The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Getting Results With Groups
by Michael Wilkinson: Jossey-Bass (October 29, 2004); ISBN: 0787975788 

Book Description:
The Secrets of Facilitation delivers a clear vision of facilitation excellence and reveals the specific techniques effective facilitators use to produce consistent, repeatable results with groups. Author Michael Wilkinson has trained thousands of managers, mediators, analysts, and consultants around the world to apply the power of SMART (Structured Meeting And Relating Techniques) facilitation to achieve amazing results with teams and task forces. He shows how anyone can use these proven group techniques in conflict resolution, consulting, managing, presenting, teaching, planning, selling, and other professional as well as personal situations. 
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The Facilitator's Fieldbook: Step-by-Step Procedures * Checklists and Guidelines * Samples and Templates (Paperback)
by Tom Justice, David Jamieson, David W., Ph.D. Jamieson "

American Management Association; 1 edition (March 1, 1999);ISBN: 0814470386 

Book Description: What is facilitation? Ironically, it's a difficult word that means "to make easy." When applied to businesses and organizations, facilitation means helping people work together in groups and teams to achieve their goals. 
But wait, you're probably thinking there's nothing easy about that--and until now you've been right. Most existing texts on facilitation (and there are lots of them) are theoretical, have too many complicated models, and lead to unnecessary confusion. The Facilitator's Fieldbook was written to break through the theory, clear up the confusion--and make facilitation itself easy. 

Comprehensive in scope, yet extremely practical and to the point, The Fieldbook is perfect for both novice and experienced facilitators. Those new to the art of facilitation will find clear guidance on basic how-to information. More experienced facilitators will discover advanced methods for use in more challenging facilitation situations and simple models for facilitating both large and small groups. 

Best of all, The Facilitator's Fieldbook contains a wealth of resources such as checklists, samples, templates, guidelines, and step-by-step procedures. It will enable you to perform all the skills of facilitation, including: * establishing ground rules for groups * planing meetings and agendas * building the group database * brainstorming * decision making * conflict resolution, and more.
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The Skilled Facilitator
by Roger Schwarz; Jossey-Bass; New Rev edition (June 15, 2002);ISBN: 0787947237 

Midwest Book Review: In The Skilled Facilitator: Practical Wisdom For Developing Effective Groups, Roger Schwarz draws on his own extensive facilitation experience and insight to bring together theory and practice, creating a comprehensive reference for consultants, peer facilitators, mangers, leaders -- anyone whose role is to guide groups toward realization their creative and problem-solving potential. The Skilled Facilitator provides essential materials including simple but effective ground rules for governing group interaction; what to say to a group (and when to say it) to keep it on track and moving toward its goal, proven techniques for starting meetings on the right (and ending them positively and decisively), practical methods for handling emotions (particularly negative emotions) when they arise in a group context, and a diagnostic approach for helping both facilitators and group members identify and solve problems that can undermine the group process. The Skilled Facilitator provides a clearly defined set of basic principles to help facilitators develop sound, value-based responses to a wide range of unpredictable situations. It also includes advice on how to work with outside consultants and facilitate within one's own organizations, along with a groundbreaking section on facilitative leadership. The Skilled Facilitator is an excellent addition to any business or community library shelf. To read more about the book or to order from Amazon.


Masterful Facilitation : Becoming a Catalyst for Meaningful Change
Kiser, Glenn A ..1998:
AMACOM; ISBN: 0814403980
The author, Glenn Kiser (Kiser1 @ , June 4, 1998
This book is designed to help you make a REAL difference.
Effective facilitation is much more than meeting agendas and flipcharts. Helping individuals, groups and organizations get "unstuck" requires both fundamental skills and a systematic process. MF takes the mystery out of facilitation and provides an approach that gives you a real chance to achieve dramatic results. (You also get to see what happens when it doesn't turn out exactly as I had planned it!) Hope it helps you become a catalyst for lasting change!!

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The Practice of Facilitation : Managing Group Process and Solving Problems
Webne-Behrman, Harry..1998; Quorum Books; ISBN: 1567200672

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The Art of Facilitation : How to Create Group Synergy
Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey, Bill Taylor.. 1995: 
Fisher Books; ISBN: 155561101X ;

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Managers As Facilitators : A Practical Guide to Getting Work Done in a Changing Workplace
by Richard G. Weaver, John D. Farrell
.. 1997; Berrett-Koehler Pub;
ISBN: 1576750167

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Facilitating With Ease : A Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Facilitation
Ingrid Bens ..
1998; Hushion House; ISBN: 1890416002
Not Yet Available: You may still order this title. We will ship it to you when it is released by the publisher.
The publisher, Ingrid Bens , October 28, 1998
A comprehensive text book on facilitation
Facilitating With Ease is a clear and comprehensive text book on facilitation that includes dozens of tools and techniques that can be copied and used in running your next meeting. Find out why this book sells out at every conference bookstore it is offered at!

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Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning : A Comprehensive Analysis of Principles and Effective Practices (Jossey-Bass Higher Education Series)
by Stephen D. Brookfield...Reprint edition (July 1991)
Jossey-Bass Publishers; ISBN: 1555423558 ;

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Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making
Sam Kaner, Lenny Lind, Catherine Toldi, Sara Fisk (Contributor), Duane Berger
(April 1996) New Society Pub; ISBN: 0865713472 ;
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The Facilitator Excellence Handbook : Helping People Work Creatively and Productively Together
Fran Rees, Matt Holt (Editor)..
1998 ; Pfeiffer & Co; ISBN: 0787938882 ;
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The Skilled Facilitator : Practical Wisdom for Developing Effective Groups (The Jossey-Bass Management)
Roger M. Schwarz ..
1994; Jossey-Bass Publishers; ISBN: 1555426387
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The Facilitative Leader : Behaviors That Enable Success
Glenn R. Ray ..
1999; Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0138952280
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Intervention Skills : Process Consultation for Small Groups and Teams
by W. Brendan Reddy ..1995; Pfeiffer & Co; ISBN: 0883904349 ;
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