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Whole System Transformation


We seek to help agents of organizational change and learning put the powerful "new" sciences into direct practice in the transformation of their systems. We work with them to:

  • make these cutting-edge sciences both applicable to and actionable in their own complex, dynamical, modern business system.

  • boost the capacity of their system for change and learning by an order of magnitude or better.

  • tap the creative potential and self-organizing capacity of the total workforce.

  • develop within leaders mastery of a meta-practice of profound organizational change and learning.

"The "new sciences" are not something you 'do' -- it's a way, a very powerful way of seeing, thinking and being in the world. If today's managers could only hear, grasp and act upon it, they would not only enjoy profits beyond their wildest imagination, but liberate the collective genius of the enterprise."

Laurie A. Fitzgerald, PhD

Dr Fitzgerald, our American friend and colleague,  is Senior Partner for The Consultancy, Inc, a Colorado-based pioneer in the emerging field of organizational design and whole system transformation based in the tenets and principles of the "new" science.

facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordic

A Metaphor for Transformation

facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordic
Not unlike the lowly caterpillar, organizations must pass metaphorically through the extreme uncertainty of the "chrysalis" if they are to succeed in the metamorphosis now mandated by a fiercely competitive global marketplace. Only through transformation — the process of profoundly changing the core of the organizational mind....the orgmind - can the barely surviving equilibrial system be transfigured into an enterprise capable of thriving in a context of unceasing flux and turbulence.



facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordic

The Necessity of Moving to the "Edge"

chaordic.jpg (7071 bytes)Although the predominant aim of conventional managers has been the maintenance of unwavering stability, we now know by looking at the enterprise through the lens of the new sciences, that equilibrium (E) — a state of minimal change and complexity — is an increasingly dangerous place for a modern organization to be. In fact, equilibrium can be regarded as "new science" jargon for death: if the system isn’t changing, it’s not alive.

Since equilibrial systems simply cannot damp the abrupt, rapid, punctuating shifts in circumstances characterizing a far-from-equilibrium (FFE) environment, they are threatened by disintegration unless and until they become as complex internally as is the vibrational context in which they live. Only thriving whole systems are inherently sustainable on "the edge" of chaos.


facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordic

Our Areas of Focus

facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordic

Learning More About the "New Sciences"

facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordic  Orgmind.com

The Orgmind.com, hosted by Laurie Fitzgerald, is an an electronic platform dedicated to the replacement of the archaic and limited managerial mindset framed during the 17th century scientific enlightenment with the immensely powerful conceptual framework known as Chaos emerging even as these words are read. Laurie’s mission is to translate the most powerful scientific conceptualization of the universe into a potent practice of profound change in that special corner of the universe we know as the organization. Created to promote the on-going learning of those in the vanguard of organizational thinking and practice, this website will serve as a forum for provocative dialogue, collaborative exploration, and the generation of knowledge and know-how to advance the discipline of enterprise design & transformation.


facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordicTRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND FACILITATION 

This 3.5 day intensive workshop has been designed for those executives, managers, HR and HRD professionals, facilitators, and consultants who aspire to the mastery of a meta-practice of profound organizational change. If your work has anything to do with transformation, change and learning, you'll want to reserve a place on the next venture workshop. For further details and to register for the next session, please see the electronic brochure.  


facilitator, facilitation, facilitating, learning, chaos, chaordicOrganizational Transformation Bookshop

A growing list of important readings for raising your consciousness about the new sciences and their implications for leading at "the edges."


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