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Who We Are 

Ntinga Transformational Consulting Services (NtingaTCS) is a Black Economic Empowerment company. NtingaTCS emerged from our desire to develop the leadership and learning capacity of all South Africans to enable the emergence of a culture of continuous learning.  We believe that only through this culture of continuous learning will governmental, business and non-profit organizations and communities achieve sustainability. 

Our Commitment

We believe that the success of our company lies in our commitment to:

Providing service beyond expectations.

Practicing the highest level of professionalism.

Having a passion to continuously learn and assist others to learn.

Being open and honest with all with whom we do business.

Striving to develop interdependent relationships with our clients and suppliers.

Developing the capacity of historically disempowered and disadvantaged communities and groups . 

Employment equity.  

Our Philosophy - Partnering

We want to work with Clients who want to work with us. We believe that partnerships which are truly interdependent and mutually beneficial are the only way to operate. In this way .......more info


Background to Our Work

We believe that organizations which succeed in tapping the latent learning potential and creative capacity of all employees will discover the surest path to optimal sustainability. Continuous learning is the path to organizational and individual sustainability.  The only way to...........more info

Our Business

At NtingaTCS, we recognize that we do not have the answers to your internal issues. We believe our role is to work in partnership with our clients to develop/tap their internal capacity to discover these critical answers and to achieve sustainability. The following diagram illustrates our four major areas of focus....  click on your interest area

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A site for learning and learners, learning facilitators and facilitating learning, training and trainees, training facilitators and facilitating training, facilitator and facilitator development, chaos and learning, chaos and change, chaos and chaordic*  systems, continuous learning and learning continuously. We are passionate about learning and helping others to learn. Learning is the requisite response to change. Our rate of learning should be equal or greater than the rate of change. We believe that a culture of continuous learning is the only way to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Facilitating learning, training, change and chaordic* system evolution are about sustainability. Purchase your books on learning, training, facilitating and chaordic system evolution from us. We will work with you on tapping the learning, training and facilitating capacity of your organizations and individuals. The new sciences are where we can find the solutions. Transforming, transformational facilitating and continuous learning is key to achieving thriving chaordic* systems.  Transformational leadership and transformational facilitating are key to transforming chaordic* evolving systems. Learning on the internet, learning on a intranet, internet learning, intranet learning, transfer of learning into the system. New ways of learning. Distance learning via the internet or intranet.

* a term coined by Dee Hock (founder of Visa International and The Chaordic Alliance) to describe a system in chaos and order. Chaord and Chaordic are registered Trades Marks of The Chaordic Alliance. The terms are used here in a descriptive away and not to represent a product or service that TCS offers.